Dear philosophers,

Bed and Philosophy is entering its thirteenth year. I did not see the time passing, so many meetings and enriching experiences. I feel like it was yesterday…


A few memories come back to me.


The sound of tape in the early morning to prepare the packages.

This shrill noise that we heard from the girls’ room on the first floor.

Lilli and Ella would run no risk of arriving late for school. They came down for breakfast, stepping over the boxes that I had taken 3 hours to prepare and close just before they passed.


The carrier rings.

The corridor of the house is 12 meters long, which allowed me to line up around 24 boxes that I filled with care and attention so as not to make any mistakes.


My first clients were instrumental in the future of Bed and Philosophy.

Some of them, if not all of them, have become close friends.

Many of them trusted me, yet nothing was won.

In 2009, the linen trend in the home sector was not yet perceived by everyone.

However, I was inhabited by a strange intuition that something beautiful was going to happen.


12 years ago, I came from the world of ready-to-wear, which occupied the first 20 years of my career.

Every day I felt a little more that my professional life was going to take me somewhere else.


The linens were moving. A few brands with very few distributions shared this new home decor and washed linen market.


I have always loved the world of the home and it was not uncommon for me to change the color of the curtains and sofa covers according to the seasons or a simple ray of sunshine lighting up the living room.


Everything was an excuse to sew, dye, tinker, to move this nomadic furniture to recreate a new atmosphere each time.

The idea of ​​creating my linen line started to germinate in my head.

In the end, the stakes were not so big: why not start simply by developing a few colors?


A great spring weekend where my husband had decided to do a big mountain bike ride in southern Morocco, I had the choice between the blues of being alone or getting my first dyes… I of course chose the dyes. At the end of the weekend a few curtains fluttered in the wind in the garden and the blue of Ella and the storm were born.


Then began a frantic search for dyers, manufacturers, an almost blind wandering to help me find the keys to an unknown world.

but oh so exciting.


A few weeks later, a friend came to see me and said, “What?! You spent all that savings just for a pile of sheets?! What she didn’t know was that this linen, which barely fit in a small suitcase, was going to allow me to criss-cross Paris and very quickly find my first client: Laurence, Founder of Serendipity, the most influential boutique in Paris at the era.


Everything is intact in my memory. Anecdote of the first estimate that I had to redo a good thirty times: at 2 a.m., the lines and the figures were mixed up but I had to finalize it. When I went to bed, I allowed myself to reread it one last time in the early morning. And the machine was launched.


Thanks to the precious help of Cécile and Coco, the name was created and the logo designed.

And it was during a trip to New York with Catherine that the first references were named. In the New York subway we baptized each pillowcase corresponding to a subway station.


The outline of Bed and Philosophy has been drawn like this in an intuitive and simple strategy.

Taking care to listen to every good piece of advice, valuable and rich in experience, I unfolded the story.


What a joy to look back, the time of this writing and to see that to this day I am accompanied by a team of 15 people who carry the brand with conviction.


What satisfaction to feel with you, my dear loyal customers, an attachment to the values ​​that I defend.


What an encouragement to see that more and more of you are following us on social networks and in your purchases.


How can I thank you, dear philosophers, for your curiosity in discovering my novelties?

For your closeness and your great loyalty?


The struggles that have punctuated these past 12 years (because there have been some) have sometimes led me to discouragement, but it never lasts long.


And it is in all happy events that I turn to nourish myself and continue.


So thank you 1000 xxx!