SMOOTHIE – Blush – Silkscreened Cushion – 30x70cm (Cushioning Included)


Silkscreened Message Cushion


Screen printed Cushions with message:

“Sauf erreur de ma part, j’ai toujours raison. Even if i’m wrong, i’m always right !”

Buttons finishing.

Sold with its trim.

100% linen, washable at 40°, excellent washability.

Silkscreened Universe:

Screen-printed household linen is a must at Bed And Philosophy. It is part of its DNA.
At the start of the adventure, poetic and humorous messages appeared on the giant cushions (Hug, Lovers, Smoothie) and on the iconic round cushions (Shining). Victims of their success, they have gradually invaded all universes: plaids (Sun), small cushions (Molly, Switch), kitchen linen and bed linen.

Weight 0,66 kg