GANG – Charbon – Fringed Bed Cover – 250x250cm


Fringed Bed Cover

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Plain linen fringed bedspread.
100% linen, washable at 40°, excellent washability.
At Bed and Philosophy, we love fringes, which give a bohemian-chic style to our homes.
You can find them on cushions (Fox, Arty, Mellow, Hug, Lovers, Queens), plaids, quilts, bedspreads… As a final touch or as a detail, fringes are everywhere and in every colour : white, charcoal, mineral, storm, swimming pool, khaki, butternut, curry, rosebud, natural, shamalo, burnt earth… ! Take off for Ibiza, Cancun or Mykonos with our fringed collection !

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