Tie and Dye cotton cushion 40x60cm – TALC Biscuit (Cushioning included)

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  • TALC cushion, Tie and Dye motif
  • Dimensions: 25 x 40 cm
  • Color : “Biscuit”
  • Cushioning included
  • Zipped finish

The artistic tie and dye of the “TALC” pattern creates a unique piece, fusing orange-brown nuances with harmony. Add a touch of sophistication to your space, whether on your sofa, reading chair or bed.

Weight 0,75 kg



  • 100% cotton

Tie and Dye, also known as “knot dyeing” or “tie dyeing”, is an artisanal dyeing technique that has found its way into the world of interior design. Originating in the ancestral traditions of various cultures, this method involves knotting, folding or twisting fabric before dyeing, creating distinctive patterns and unique color variations.

In decorating, Tie and Dye brings a touch of character and originality to spaces.

One of the most captivating features of Tie and Dye is its artisanal aspect. Each dyed piece is the fruit of hand-creation, which means that even though it’s an old-fashioned technique, each piece is unique and bears the craftsman’s personal touch. This individuality lends a personal and authentic dimension to interior design.